Liquid Helium

Liquid helium from the manufacturer is the quality according to all European standards.

Liquid helium is a liquid state of helium. It is a colorless transparent liquid boiling at a temperature of 4.2 K. The density of liquid helium at a temperature of 4.2 K is 0.13 g / cm ³. It has a small refractive index, which is why it is difficult to see. Liquid helium is a product of narrow application. It is chemically inert, has a high thermal conductivity, low molecular weight and size, and is also characterized by the lowest boiling point of all known substances.

Use of liquid helium

Liquid helium is used as a refrigerant to obtain and maintain low and ultralow temperatures (mainly in scientific research):
• cooling of superconducting magnets in various scientific, technical and medical devices;
• use in dissolving cryostats;
• cryogenic electric machines;
• electronic industry: for the production of LCD panels, semiconductors and fiber optic cables;
• It is also preferable to use liquid helium in liquid form, with a view to its further gasification, since this reduces the weight of the transported container tenfold.
• nuclear industry: nuclear magnetic resonance research.
• separate scientific branch - cryobiology;
• medicine: used to cool superconducting magnets (for example, magnetic resonance imagers);

Storage and transportation

For the storage and transportation of liquid helium, modern special Dewar vessels, manufactured by Cryofab, with a capacity of 250 and 500 liters, with screen-vacuum insulation providing daily loss of liquid helium less than 1% of the vessel's capacity per day are used. In the case of transportation, the magnitude of the loss increases.

We carry out transportation of liquid helium by our own transport with a tail lift, which allows for delivery to a customer who does not have a technological zone, on which cargo arrival operations are performed. Possible supply 50-7000 liters. With an order volume of up to 3000 liters, it is possible to deliver by air.


Ingas LLC supplies liquid helium, its own production, according to TU U 24.1-14299304-003-2001.
Delivery times depend on the volume of the order and are necessarily agreed with the manager.
You can buy and order liquid helium by contacting the managers of Ingas LLC.

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